Supernatural Colorado

UpdatesPosted by C. John Sun, February 01, 2015 16:58:31

There has been a long hiatus on this blog smiley.

In the pipeline is a WorldCon report many months after the event and a piece on one of my favourite SF shows of recent years.

But all that is on hold now to announce my second published story, Catharsis at Steamboat Springs, which is in Dana Bell’s new anthology, Supernatural Colorado. Originally open to just Colorado writers, and with the mandate that it must be set in Colorado, I squeezed in with a story based on my very first visit to the US. First visits to any country tend to be memorable and so I tapped into my experiences of Steamboat Springs to write this short piece. In my conscious mind I am a SF writer, but a more honest reflection of my so far unpublished output finds several stories which sit comfortably in the fantasy genre. This is one.

As before with the Different Dragons anthology, an introductory offer allows for 25% discount on the price. And if you would like to review it, I can send a link to a free e-version.

A second published story helps to dispel the illusion that the first was just a flukesmiley. I have currentlyy got several more in the pipeline, one of which was workshopped at the World Science Fiction convention in London this year. That was an education…

A message from the publisher, Wolfsinger Publications follows below with links for discounts, note the short time limit.

From now until 15 February

you can direct readers to the CreateSpace link above and give them discount code: TGERED9J for a 25% discount.


For your readers who prefer eBooks – you can direct them the Smashwords link and give them coupon code: BE24L for a 25% discount